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So I have finally made it home from Dollism and I am exhausted! This will be a quick summary of my time there!

The convention was AWESOME! I met so many cool people and saw a ton of pretty dolls. I now know about Mellow Doll and how I must get a Tangerine from them!! I also had a blast at the Ruby Red panel and thoroughly spent all of my money! I met St. James, Idrisfan, MacaronTea, Armelia, FunnyLori, Chibinezumi and lots of other great people though I forgot all the usernames and I am sorry >< Bunneh and I also made friends with a lot of fun drunk people who were very curious about the hobby! In a nice way. We had so much fun with them and they were all good about their questions and basically we considered ourselves the drunk ambassadors of the doll hobby.

I really think this convention was amazing especially for it’s first time! I am so glad we went and I wish the weekend wasn’t over! Thank you to everyone who put it together because it was so fantastic!! I spent waayyyy too much money and had waaayyy too much to drink which is always a good equation for a fun weekend!

The bad; the hotel was a NIGHTMARE! The restaurant was slow as fuck and when the hotel made me put down a credit card for incidentals and instead of charging me $40 they charged me a $792 hold which was more than our fucking room costed!!! After talking to a ton of people I marched into the managers office and because it was so late, even though he called Wells Fargo it’ll still be a day before they release my funds. This caused a paypal charge to go to a different card which while I had money on it, was not the one  I wanted to use! UGH! I am really, really annoyed and I’m going to be even more so if my funds aren’t released! Uggghhhhhhh I am just soooooooooo done! I will NEVER stay at another Hyatt ever again. Their business practices are shady and their staff is AWFUL (except for one of our waitresses, Rachael, she was awesome). 

Other than that, I had a good time but my feet are swollen, my legs have chaffed and I just want to shower in my own shower!! 

I hope everyone else who went had as good a time as I did! I can’t wait until the next one!!!! But damn, I need way more money ><;;