I may have rabies. Or it's just whip cream.

So you've found my blog. I'm kind of interesting, but at times I'm just a little off. I go in and out of fandoms as something always catches my eye. I write, I collect and I photograph.

Alternative titles to Tales of Xillia (and any other Tales of game)

  • Tales of Tears
  • Tales of Rip Your Heart Out
  • Tales of Your OTP Will Never Be
  • Tales of Try To Play Through The Pain
  • Tales of Everything Hurts
  • Tales of Woe
  • Tales of You’re Laughing at this Scene, But Pain is Around the Corner
  • Tales of Oh God Why
  • Tales of We’ll Dangle Happiness In Front of You, Then Snatch it Away
  • Tales of Swagmo (because the cat is awesome) and also Kittypants

Just some suggestions.