I may have rabies. Or it's just whip cream.

So you've found my blog. I'm kind of interesting, but at times I'm just a little off. I go in and out of fandoms as something always catches my eye. I write, I collect and I photograph.
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Dear Volks: Please get your shit together. Even die-hard fans are giving you the finger after that little fiasco on the 14th.


Pretty sure they mean the 19th and I totally fought hard in that battle and got my outfit! There was just a lot of cursing and hitting of my keyboard

But by God, I persevered. 

I’m doing GISHWHES! An amazing global scavenger hunt hosted by @mishacollins. Join me! https://www.gishwhes.com/join_me.php?t=5023

Yeah we’re doing it again this year! Well, I am. The hubby is on stand by as a helper. Our Team is Supernatural (I didn’t pick the name this year but this is at least easy and to the point) so if you wanna join click the link or message me!